My Mother: A Study in Great Fashion, Part 2

My dad often told people, “You owe it to your children to marry a beautiful wife.”

scan0077 (2)

He was a man who always practiced what he preached.

Some of you may remember the post I made last Mother’s Day. I wanted to make a part 2 of that post for this year’s celebration of Mom, but there were just too many wonderful photos. As I looked for a common theme, I discovered something about my parents I never knew: my dad loved to take photos of my mom in cool places in front of cool cars.


The Fiat. My parents drove this before they were married. My mom said she didn’t like this car because it rattled too much and she had to hold the door closed as they drove.


After they were married they drove this Karmann Ghia. Mom loved this car.


This was a borrowed convertible that they took on a little joy ride to the other side of Utah Lake. This is where Saratoga Springs is now.

I love this photo so much I made it my screen saver on my laptop:

Patsy at Thermopolis 1969

Their first of many Ford pick-ups, at Mammoth Hot Springs

scan0567 (2)

The karmann ghia again at an old mission in San Luis Obisbo, CA

This is my dad’s very first fireworks stand/filling station in Jackson Hole. He and my mom ran everything since nothing was self-serve back then. This is her pumping gas for a customer.


Then kids started coming along. Here is the first of seven.


Karmann ghia

As the family got bigger the cars did, too.


Lovely station wagon in the ghost town of South Pass City, Wyoming (I think).

By the time I came along (#6), we drove a massive blue van with no seat belts. I cannot find any photos of my mom posing in front of that, but I’m sure she still would have made it look great.

But then, my mom could make anything look good. 😉



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5 responses to “My Mother: A Study in Great Fashion, Part 2

  1. You are so right. Your mom could make anything look fantastic & she still does. Your dad was always so proud of his beautiful, capable, spiritual, empathetic, wife. As friends for almost 50 yrs., she has certainly brought sunshine into my life.


  2. korinne

    I have not seen some of these picks before! Very autoasome.


  3. Lj Wilson

    I know my brother was in love with your mom…..and of course cars😊


  4. What a FUN post. Your mama is adorable.


  5. Patsyqbbrunson

    Chelsea, thank you for all of the car photos that were fun to be reminded of.. I know there were at least two more red cars…..the model A and the 240Z. And, now I have a neon green renegade jeep that I love. Where did the elephant come from?? Thank you for sharing family history. Love, Mom


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