My Mother: A Study in Great Fashion

  I am fortunate to have a wonderful mother.

I am also fortunate to have a lot of photos of her wonderful clothes.

This is Patsy, newly married. My dad called her his “raven-haired beauty.”


Bridal Veil Falls

Funny how fashions come back . . . I actually think I saw this very outfit in the Lands End catalog last week.


One of my favorite photos of my parents:



My parents loved to travel and this photo was taken in Mexico. scan0102

My mom could make any skirt look good.


My mom told me some old lady called her after church and told her that “a mother of four children shouldn’t wear skirts that short.” This bothered my mom for days until my dad told her that was the way he liked it. 

She also had a thing for red nightgowns.



For me? Oh, thank you! More clothes!

I’ve been looking for this sweater in thrift shops for years:scan0046 (3)

Berries taste better when you look good. scan0293

My mother was a perfect hostess….


…and the perfect centerpiece to any picnic.


This little green number was in our costume cupboard for years. We were all a little afraid to put it on.


Vanessa, my mom told me she lent this to you. She says she wants it back.

How I love my mom who made whatever she put on look stunning.


My mother bore seven children, travelled the word many times, planted hundreds of trees and served four missions. And she did it all with grace, courage and excellent style.

Love you, Mom!



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5 responses to “My Mother: A Study in Great Fashion

  1. Love these old photos! Great outfits too!


  2. Metta Prieto

    Chelsea, I have never seen a photo of your dad before. When I saw the Hawaii photo, I thought “wow, it’s Danny!”. They bear such a striking resemblance! Beautiful fashion show. Love these outfits.


  3. Christi

    Now I see where you get it!


  4. Sophie Dyreng

    Wow, mom I didn’t know that!


  5. Naomi as a thing for red night gowns too…


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