For Middle Grade Books, Ask The Experts


I eat books for breakfast.

My name is Sophie. I just sabatoged my mom’s computer and apparently I just spelled the word “sabatoged” wrong. Oh, well. I know this is off topic, but I hate spellcheck.

I heard that she was writing this blogpost and so, who do you think the experts are? Adults? They don’t know what middle schoolers like. (Even though I’M not in middle school yet. I almost am!)

Book number 1:

11 Birthdays

This book is a book more for girls but it is very good. It is about a girl named Amanda Ellerby who has the same birthday as Leo Fitzpatrick. Their great-grandparents were enemies until something magical happens to them. The curse is on the children too. On their tenth birthday, Leo says some mean words about Amanda. Then a year later, on their eleventh birthday, they still hadn’t made up, so they are caught in time. Their eleventh birthday will repeat itself until they can make up.

I liked this book because it as a mystery and Amanda was so much like a real girl. It is a VERY funny book.

Book number 2: (Well, really, series)

The Heroes of Olympus

This series is about two camps for the children of the gods. One is for Greek demigods, the other for Roman. The last time they met, it was the American Civil war. They are working together to fulfill a prophecy. However, an evil spirit controls Leo, one of the demigods, and makes him accidentally blow up a bunch of the Roman camp, (plus the yelling and screaming chaperone Coach Hedge didn’t help, but anyway) so the Romans get mad and the three demigods there, Hazel, Frank, and Percy (who is actually Greek, but was abducted by the goddess Hera-long story) barely manage to get back on Leo’s flying warship. Then they are chased by Romans to the Ancient Lands, where Annabeth (another demigod) has to search for the lost statue the Athena Parthenos. She finds it but THEN her and Percy fall into Tartarus.

I liked this book because it is full of adventure. Also, I like all of the characters and how the action never stops.

Oops-my mom just came in. Busted!


Okay-I’m back again! So, where were we? Ah, yes, book #3:

A Little Princess

So, this book is about a little girl named Sara (and no, it is not spelled Sarah, it is SARA!) who has a very rich daddy. She is sent to boarding school where she is given everything she wants while her daddy is away fighting. However, her dad dies on her eleventh birthday, and so she has no more money and she has to work as a maid. She still has friends though because she is very kind and generous. But she is worked way too hard still, by the evil boarding school headmistress. What will happen to Sara? Read it to find out!

I liked this book because it was all about kindness and how she survived rough times. It was also about how if you give, give, give, you’ll end up with everything and if you take, take, take you’ll end up with nothing.



This is me with my new nook. I saved up my money for a year to buy it!

Mwahahahaha! This is Syrena! And now it is my turn to sabotage the blog that Sophie sabotaged. (Oh, and I spelled “sabotage” right. Ha!)

Book #1:

The 6th Grade Nickname Game

This book is about two boys: Wiley and Dave. They give nicknames to kids-and teachers-at school, such as a kid named Peter who always gets into others business is called Snoopy and the principal  who they call  “Deer-in-Headlights” because of his stare (behind his back, of course!). Anyway, they get a new teacher, Mr. Hugh, who is also a high school football coach. He introduces a new girl, Cassandra, who has red hair and some really fabulous skirts. The Nicknamers start thinking of a nickname right away.

Meanwhile, the class takes a test and get terrible scores. On top of Mr Hugh yelling at everyone to give it “one hundred and ten percent”(while disturbing the other classrooms and stomping so hard he knocks some plaster off the ceiling of the class below him and kills a class pet) the other teachers prepare to fire him. Snoopy snoops around and finds out, and Cassandra gives the whole class a pep talk to convince them to begin a read-a-thon to save their scores on the big end of year test, all while Wiley and Dave are competing to get Cassandra to ask them to a big dance where the girls ask out the boys.

Who will Cassandra ask? Will Mr. Hugh lose his job? And will a friendship tear apart because of a girl? Read “The Nicknamers” to find out!

Book #2:


This book is about a girl named Jessica who was badly-and I mean BADLY-burned. She goes to a Catholic school where they sometimes hold hands while they pray. Of course, nobody wants to hold her hand because it was burned and now looks melted. But one boy-who happens to be her neighbor-is brave enough to do it. Eventually he becomes her friend and even nominates her for class president (even though nobody hears him).

Book #3 (series):

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

So above Sophie told you about the Heroes of Olympus series, and that is a good series, but if you want to understand it better, you should read this series first. It’s about the adventures Percy and Annabeth had before Percy was taken to the Roman camp (long story-literally. See “The Son of Neptune” for the long story and details). Mainly it’s about Percy’s fight to destroy Kronos, and if you look carefully in book 5, The Last Olympian, you may be able to find Gleeson Hedge’s name. You know, the seven demigods’ “responsible” chaperone. If Sophie failed to mention  that… she’s got work to do.

Well, Mom, ha! I made it so you can’t edit this, and so all of this stays how it is. However, we promise to try to stay off this blog in the future. I am NOT vouching for Naomi, though!

Adios, readers!


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  1. Christi

    Nice job, girls! I’ll have to pass these on to Kennedy. I know she loved all the Percy books but hasn’t read the others.


  2. melissa

    Great recommendations, girls!


  3. Jessica Heath

    I will put these on my list to read!


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