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Friends for Life

Sometimes I think that the friendships my children have right now are fleeting and won’t add up to much later on. But then I remember this:


Nicki and I, all dressed up for the 5th grade Thanksgiving play


This is Nicki Hunter, my best friend in middle school. I moved away from Jackson when I was 12 and we never saw each other again . . . . until last week.


Nicki and I, twenty-five years later

We knew of each other’s whereabouts, but we didn’t contact each other until the miracle of Facebook. As luck would have it, she and my mom now live in the same mountain town in Wyoming. So last week I stopped by to see her. All of our kids are about the same ages, including these two, who are just a few weeks apart.

When one makes a friend in childhood those ties can last a lifetime.  Thanks, Nicki, for being my friend for so long!

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