Chelsea Sits Down to Write a Novel. Five Years Later . . .


It took me 2 years to write, 2 years to rewrite and 1 year in the middle to have a baby. Last week, on my 37th birthday, I signed my first writing contract. My book, The Cenote, will be published by Cedar Fort, a publisher based out of Utah.

For me this is pretty much mind-blowing.

What is the book about? It is about an ancient village in Mexico and a large pool of water called a cenote (say-NOH-tay).

And that is all I’m going to tell you, for now.

Suffice it to say that it is kind of a romance, kind of a mystery, kind of a coming-of-age story, and fortunately is not autobiographical.

The current schedule puts the release date as November 10, 2015.

I’ll give you more info as the time approaches.

So excited. Still pinching myself.


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13 responses to “Chelsea Sits Down to Write a Novel. Five Years Later . . .

  1. Julia Gulbransen

    Congratulations to you! That is an amazing accomplishment


  2. This is great news! I am so happy for you!!!!


  3. Woohoo! Congrats, Chelsea! So excited for your book baby to hit the world. Guess you didn’t need a beta read after all… 🙂 Keep me posted!! I’d love to help spread the news when it’s time for cover reveal or book release! 🙂


  4. Wow. Super excited for you!


  5. That is fantastic! I hope the book is as big of a success as you already are. 🙂 (Which is a very high bar, btw!)


  6. warrchick

    Woohoo! Congratulations! That is sooo super awesome and squee-worthy! Not to mention, the best Bday present ever. 😀


  7. Angie Jeppesen

    What an amazing accomplishment! I am so excited for you, but not terribly surprised. 🙂 I think you are incredible, and this is just the sort of thing that I picture you doing. Congratulations, friend!


  8. charith

    Yay!! Congrats!!!! That’s awesome. I can’t wait to read it.


  9. M'Liss Dorrance

    But of course! Amazing Chelsea- no surprise, really, ’cause you can do anything! Can’t wait for the “release” party!


  10. I can’t wait for ALL the novels you are going to publish. And then when they are made into movies…it’s going to be great. So excited for you.


  11. Nicki Burton

    Go Chelsea! Cannot wait to read it!


  12. I can’t wait to read it.
    I love your website and I’ve spent enchanted, stolen time reading your posts. Way to make a positive and concrete difference in the world.


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