The Holiday No One Knows About

Today is Grandparents Day. Betcha didn’t know that. It is not a day people normally pull out the streamers for, but I think my kids have some pretty fantastic grandparents. Let me show you my brag book.

DSC02159This is Doug. He knows how to have fun. He owns four wheelers, go-carts, ping-pong tables and makes ice-skating rinks in the winter.


IMG_5269Here are Patsy and Valerie: leaders, mothers, missionaries, and birthday rememberers. They know just what to say at any given moment and can make any home smell delicious in under 30 minutes.  They make mothering seem simple. And they tell you so, too.


IMG_5038This is Terry, our honorary grandfather, keeper of horses,  healer of broken hearts, and family godsend. Tough and tender-hearted and generous to no end.


SONY DSCThis is Jerry, fireworks salesman, world traveller, problem solver and celebrated slayer of nightmares.  He has shared a pillow with my daughter for years, even though they have never met.


Our kids have always lived over a thousand miles away from their grandparents, but that hasn’t stopped them from creating great relationships together. No one can leave an imprint on a child’s mind the way a grandparent can.  We are grateful for ours.

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