The University of Dyreng

I once heard someone say that you can tell which universities are the best by the amount of construction they have on their campus.  Let’s hope that is the same for homes, too.


Barbie’s “Dreamhouse”


300 piece puzzles: Syrena’s latest hobby


Library day


Naomi and Dan’s Flower Nursery


Danny, in his element.


Papers filled with jibberish that Scott leaves around the house to make us all think that he is smart.


My current project: putting the finishing touches on the Ugliest Pioneer Dress Ever


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2 responses to “The University of Dyreng

  1. I love the picture of scott’s papers. What is that jibberish!?


  2. Natalie, those are Scott’s formulas (written in Greek–not sure why they do that. To save on space or something–) to help him work out his computer programs for tallying up the ways companies manage their money. And evade taxes.

    And thank you for showing me how to correctly spell jibberish. I knew something looked wrong with the way I had done it…. 🙂


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