Walking to Church in Oxford

For four Sundays we have walked the 2.5 miles to church. At first we walked through the center of Oxford, but recently we found a less busy route. Let me take you with us.

First we walk through the streets of Jericho where we live, past the ales and fine food.IMG_6363

We cross a bridge and walk alongside the canal. (Oxford is called Oxford because it was a place where they would cross oxen through the Thames River. Swineford is another city where they would cross the pigs. I’m glad I live in Oxford.)


We cross another bridge and walk under the train tracks. Often there is a train rumbling above us. IMG_6373Then over a rainbow bridge.IMG_6379

We keep following the canal. IMG_6381

We will soon cross that bridge up ahead and get onto Botley Road.IMG_6384Crossing Botley Road.IMG_6385Usually this road is very busy with traffic, but on Sunday mornings it isn’t so bad.IMG_6387.JPGAnother bridge.IMG_6388Another row of houses.IMG_6390

We pass by a loch where they raise and lower the water level to let boats from one canal onto another.IMG_6392.JPGYet another bridge.IMG_6393Then through a small grove and a meadow. Danny also uses this route to ride his bike to school. Danny’s school is just after this meadow. IMG_6397Another row of houses.IMG_6398


When we pass the duck pond . . . we are almost there . . . IMG_6405But first we have to pass a steaming, inviting swimming pool. Come on, Danny!IMG_6406 And sometimes we see old men sailing little boats on the Thames.IMG_6408

Then down the straight and narrow path . . .IMG_6409And we reach our destination. We take off our walking shoes and put on our church shoes. Then after church we do it all again! IMG_6410


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6 responses to “Walking to Church in Oxford

  1. That was a very fun morning walk. Thank you.

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  2. Admire the glorious path! And the distance! Whoa!


  3. What a scenic walk. Thanks for taking us with you:)


  4. Hi Chelsea,

    What a delightful experience I’ve had enjoying your blog posts!! Our family (I’m married with 4 kids) lived in Oxford from January 2012 until the summer of 2013. Following that, we lived in Esher, Surrey for a few years. Anyway, while in Oxford, one son attended New Hinksey Primary School for a while, then was transferred to St. Aloysius. We had a daughter at St. Barnabas. We’re LDS and love that ward so much! We lived in Jericho-on Cranham street and then Juxon street. A flood of memories came when I saw your blog!! My brother knows your husband from high school sports-he shared your blog with me. Email me (sisajill @ yahoo . com) if I can be of any help to you!! Carry on Awesome Oxford Mother (“Mum!”)!! Blow a kiss into the sweet Oxford wind for me! I sure love that amazing city.

    Kind Regards,
    Jill Lewis

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  5. This post is adorable– and the pictures make it super fun.


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