The Method To Our Madness

This is our secret weapon.


It is the only way anything gets done in our house.


It is in the kitchen, by the breakfast table, so it gets seen constantly.IMG_6727

And it provides the perfect place to put assignments,IMG_6737

reminders, IMG_6672


and encouragement.


If you do not have one of these go get one. Now. Run. (Buy a pack of colored chalk while you are at it.)IMG_4926

Never underestimate the power of a good chalkboard in the right place.


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5 responses to “The Method To Our Madness

  1. korinne

    I am inspied. My chalkboard just has my own list of things to do on it….
    I will ponder something more


  2. S. A. Cox

    May I please pin the “No friends or computers or happiness until instruments are practiced” to one of my pinterest boards?

    I know that that means that it could be repinned ad infinitum without my having any control over it, so if you say no, I understand. But I AM emailing a link to it to my sisters.


  3. Ashlee

    I adore you. On so many levels.


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